Historic Springfield Scarf

The Junior League of Springfield (JLS) is proud to offer our historic Springfield scarf. This stunning scarf was designed by a nationally known artist exclusively for the JLS. Made of 100% silk, the scarf is designed in rich hues of azure blue, deep gold and black, and measures 36" square. The JLS commissioned the design of the scarf to raise funds to benefit its educational and charitable projects.

Adorning this elegant scarf are images of historic landmarks that hold great significance for Springfield, including:

  • Home of Abraham Lincoln, where the young attorney lived with his wife Mary and their four sons from 1843 until 1861;
  • Lincoln-Herndon Law Office, where Mr. Lincoln and his partner, William H. Herndon, built their law practice;
  • Great Western Train Depot, where President-Elect Lincoln bid farewell in March 1861 and headed for Washington, D.C.  to be inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States;
  • Old State Capitol of Illinois, a stately stone building completed in 1840;
  • Executive Mansion, circa 1856, home of the Governor of Illinois;
  • Condell House, one of the oldest homes in Springfield;
  • Illinois State Capitol Inner Dome.

The images are framed in an intricate pattern that matches the metalwork of the railing of the Illinois State Capitol.

You can order a scarf through our online store or by calling our office at (217) 544-5557.